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Default Re: Conspiracy to label truthseekers as CRACKPOTS, Loony or Nutz

Oh yea, fun isn't it. I went to a talk by some professor who was a research assistant of Sir Fred Hoyle, a leading British imperialist astronomer. He claimed life had originated from out in space and just landed on the earth a very long time ago. He spent two hours with his slide projector explaining this theory and at the end there was an ‘any questions’ session. It started off with idiot public questions like do you feel your wonderful theory has now been accepted amongst the majority of scientists and so forth.

Then it was my turn. I started asking him things like if it came from out of space then surely that does not explain evolution it just puts it one step back and did he have any idea how it started off out in space and the answer was, no he didn't. Then it was on to questions about the unreliability of red shift to determine astronomical distances due to a possible fluctuation in the speed of light, as space may not be a homogeneous vacuum. The professor had a very confused look on his face and was very much struggling to the point of waffling gibberish. The rest of the public thought I was some kind of genius for causing an internationally highly respected scientist figure to not have an answer. You can try the same next time one of these people visit your town!
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