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Default Re: Actual Battle Plan To Defeat the NWO

I don't think your plan will work, but, good luck, personally I think the vast magority of voters in this country are Brain-Washed into believing that everything is A-OK-in-the-USA.

Ron Paul is my choice, if he does'nt win then it's all over for the USA.

That mind-control video on your website was incredible, now I know how it all works, very clever of the PTB, not in a million years did I suspect that proper placement of "visual advertisments" on busy streets and billboards, can alter everyones thoughts.

TPTB have great knowledge of this, how many humans did they experiment on to acheive there goals????

'Deren Brown', "The City of London" this can't be real, NWO spooks????

You sure this is'nt the actual battle plan to deafeat humanity? :-? ther'es enough ZOMBIES walking around as it is! :-o
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