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Kerry, that's exactly what people are mislead to believe. They have caused trouble, or threatened trouble for us throughout the 20th century. But it's quite the contrary.
As you have proved in another topic, being 'the big cigarette cover-up', you are well aware of the blood suckers that exist in our leadership.

How's this for blood on their hands.....

Since 911, the war on terror has produced 1/2 trillion dollars for industry conglomerates. This is only an estimate of the OFFICIAL profits made. This, still continues to rise enormously.
If we were to count the dead citizens (approx 3000), and divide the total profits made by this number...we get....roughly, $167,000,000. That is 167 million dollars profit made...per head (american 911 death). With so much money at stake, do you still think it was NOT an inside job?

Mind you, they wanted MORE to die....remember the media screaming the 5000 number? The workers of the 2nd building, who were fleeing at the time, were told, by an anouncement over the speaker, to go BACK to their desks. Obviously, they wanted to make a bigger impact on the population. They even included missing persons, dissappeared way before 911. The bigger the number, the more dramatic the event.

Was it the extremists ambition to fill the pockets of corporations, or was this just a bonus kickback to the tragedy?

Come on kerry, I know you are better than this.
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