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Default Re: Abovetopsecret is a COINTELPRO disinfo operation

Originally Posted by Koomz View Post
Just type the atlanteanconspiracy into google. Wether ATS is a disinfo site or not I'm still rather suspicious of it.
The first page of returns shows the unauthorized promotion of the book on ATS: The Atlantean Conspiracy

I'm not finding any other search return that describe ATS in a negative way, except this one, apparently by the author: The Atlantean Conspiracy: Above Top Secret .com is Owned and Operated by Masons -- who is clearly upset for being banned for the unauthorized promotion. He wasn't banned for his ideas, he was banned for breaking the rules (for which he agreed when signing up). Had he approached us first, we would have found a way (which we do many times) to help him discuss his work without coming across as gratuitous self-promotion to our members.
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