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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Actually, sincerely, i did'nt mean you personally. Not at all.

But i sure know the Conservative Masons down under.

But thank you for answering my question. Sincerely.

BTW...i assure you my 110kg of fast twitch muscle fibres will see me through.

My teeth are beautifully white and straight and will likely remain so even after my death.

Best to you. You ACTUALLY answered a straight question. Well done. It seems i've finally trained you to jump through a hoop!

As for you Ahmed...i guess when you have no friends on a forum...anyone will do.

You make a beautiful couple.'re full of rightous shit.

Fuck peace be upon you...i bring a sword and it tells me you are an incredibly rigid person because if you ever had a good look inside you'd find a little boy desperately looking for something to cling worship God? No Ahmed, you worship a number. A concept so ridiculous i've actually been gentle with you.

Get a life and get pissed for Allah's sake. Attend a titty bar or dance around naked under an apple tree with your buddy FMB.

I'll bet you Ahmed I'm still here in 10-20 years time and your still telling me the end is near.

You'll get it sooner or later.

Some have a personal relationship...others require a number and a set or instructions.

BTW...sorry NS. I tried. I really did!
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