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Default Re: Do you think we are heading for a civil war over H1N1?

How terrorists work:
1)infect or use a natural disease
2) Infect or wait for natural paranoia
3) Reap benefits

This is where they divide and conquer. The military is trying to protect with any means possible.

The military must see this as an assault to get them to act like a facist state.
If they do not stop this type of activitiy they will sow the seed of revolution.
If you oppose this there are ways that do not look as though you are a revolutionary when you are not.
The bible will have the answer to a legal way that is not set up to make the the people that have seen the evilness of chipping humans to look sedicious.

Sorry for the misspelling but the masons would interfere my edjucation whenever I speak against or report their crimes.
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