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Default Re: Reptilians - It was right under your nose the whole time

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I mean this in the most respectful way Eye-con, but before you start to think that these things you have seen are truly real, perhaps you should be screened by some mental health professionals just in case they are not. There really is no stigma in at least getting checked out. Then at least you would know that that is what you in fact saw. The alternative is far more hellish if it turns out there is something wrong.
Why would my friends being seeing these shape-shifts as well? And please don't tell me theres no stigma in getting screened by a mental health professional. The minute you told them anything about reptilians they'd probably throw a straight jacket on you. I already know for a fact what I saw actually happend. It seems to be happening more often now to.. I think probably by late 2010 early 2011 your gonna start seeing them openly shape-shift. They seem to be more open with people who already 'know'. Things are gonna be changing alot with in the next couple of years, I'm not gonna try and argue with you about why there real because if your not a rep yourself you'll find out soon enough that there is in fact shape-shifters out there that make a humans brain capacity look like that of a dogs. Of course you don't believe in them.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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