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Default Re: Why do Masons hang out in conspiracy forums ?

Ah yea, what street is that then?
If you dont wish to hide, what street is it then?
Maybe I can contact some paparazzi friends who love this kind of stuff, you could be famous.
I dont recall you walking down my street with a templar dress on.
I thought freemasonry originated from the stone masons?
So, infact you are templar's, that is quite funny, thanks for that
Look, why do you wish to kiss the ass of the royal elite, just so you can hold a status of a knight?
Youre weak. You are probably the kind of person who needs someone to hold your hand, that's why youre in the snake cult.
You are a secret society with secret oaths secret meetings secret rituals secret handshakes.
And you probably, secretly, plan the demise of the United Stated of America and the World. So, you are the enemy and you know it. So does an informed person.
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