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Default How Will The Globalists Justify U.S And Israeli First Strikes On Iran?

This is an exerpt from an Eric Hufschidt artice on the excellent Darryl Bradford Smith site - "The French Connection".

The Zionists and Israelis may not be laughing at the goys much longer. The American economy is deteriorating, and the result will be that the US Military will soon discover that its weapons systems are less advanced than those of other nations, and their equipment is not properly maintained. The US Military will also find it increasingly difficult to find American companies to produce their weapons and supplies.

Furthermore, each year Americans bring in millions of Mexicans, Chinese, and other people to become a low-cost source of labor. Already some parts of the Southwest are more than 50% Mexican. A nation cannot survive when it has the attitude that it is acceptable to use other races for labor.

Once America is gone, Israel will be on its own. The Israelis will find themselves surrounded by angry Arabs, Persians, and other nations.

To summarize this, the Zionists may destroy America before they become established. This is as stupid as a horde of ticks sucking so much blood out of their host that the host dies.

Will the Zionists try to save the day for themselves with another fake terrorist attack? Will they make one final attempt to get control of America and destroy the Arabs?

Lets make this as clear as possible...the U.S has the mightiest and most capable military in the world by margins to great to even bother talking about. They may be getting their arse kicked in a counter insurgency but rest assured, when it comes to wiping out nations, the U.S can do it with both hands tied behind it's back.

But HOW will the Globalists justify the MASSIVE military power most likely to come down on Iran very soon? Simple, you fein that you are a helpless virgin with NO OTHER CHOICE left to you.

For the U.S to play it's role as the "smasher" of traditional Islam it needs a good excuse.

Israel has been letting Iran reign down missiles on them. Millimeter Wave Radar technolgy can detect and identify metallic targets from a hundred miles away at 35,000ft in serious ground clutter. Add in ALL the other intelligence gathering capability of Israel and it's U.S allie and is anyone going to seriously believe Hezbollah could put down 250 missiles a day on Northern Israel? Poppycott.

Israel MUST play under dog as must the U.S.

Please correct ANYONE who states that U.S Military power is waning. It is only on the increase. The Establishment Order must give the appearence of immediate clear and present danger to morally justify the coming Iron Fist in the velvet glove that is the Globalist muscle man...the U.S.

NO ONE can take on the U.S...not China, not Russia NOT anyone. China lives and breathes on U.S capital. If the U.S goes down economically how will China get money to buy those lovely high tech seeker heads from the U.S and tanks and aircraft from Russia? Who buys %80 of Chinese nic knacks? Thats right the U.S.

Are we getting it? :-)

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