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Default Re: How Will The Globalists Justify U.S And Israeli First Strikes On Iran?

I suppose I am still a little confused by the definition of “Zionism”. I like Golden’s website as well, his article on the Supreme Court in Jerusalem was very insightful. However, we have more of those occultic buildings here in the U.S. than anywhere else I suppose.

I think we all play a part of the world going to hell. Sure it is nice to point a finger at the illuminati or Zionist and say they are the problem. Sure, they distribute the drugs, but we use them. They organize the porn industry, but we consume it. We, make that “I” have a choice here as well, and many times my nature chooses what it shouldn’t.

I coming to the point where I am about to stop saying “they” are the problem, but “we” are the problem.

Without Calvary, these would be dark days indeed.
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