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Default Re: Pedophiles in the music industry: R'Kelly

peter ? maybe i should have said what i said on this thread !

i saw something about what you said with demons and music . see what ive said .

there is no such thing as coincidence .

pedos run the pop industry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are pedos !

not only do they practice it in life , they usually rape the minds of children in front of adults who place them infront of tvs because they dont love their children !
and the adults justify this action as part of life , or fashion , or pop .
the NWO is a spiritual warfare as well as a phisical one . we are what we do !

well done peter . good thread ! its a shame we are not part of the tv industry !

we would expose a a thing or two about , pop , and parents and those who claim ignorance !
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