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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.


Interesting! But listen, did you ever speak to someone who (say for example) went to another state or country to visit a relative or something like that. And when they returned back to the neighborhood you ask them questions about their trip and so forth. After talking about this and that they say, "oh, it's the same everywhere".

Are there not certain examples we can think of that fit this notable: "it's the same everywhere"?

Well, when you have heads of countries who are at the same party and even use *69, could it then be possible to have a one world rule?

I'm not a political person, nor do I overindulge in certain subject matter, but, for what its worth I'll say this (please no offense intended):

look at the christian bible for example and its gathering/followers/believers-----millions.

look at scientology, which I believe started in the 1950's (correct me if I'm wrong), and its following-----now in the millions.

Now! After you have a million here and there for a certain following/belief---is it not possible to gain such control of masses by having each "head" of these masses be the 'panel' of rulers?

Then they will (probably with over-joy!) want a 'one' big head of them all. Whoopee! A GOD!
Right here on earth!!!!

Yes, you guessed it: I do believe that there will come a time that will be a mark in our own lives, and that is a one world government!

I for one do believe it will come to fruition.

Not that I wish that upon my own enemy, but, we've been sleeping too long. Or watching all this come to 'birth' while we are watching in a daze!
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