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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

Yes I see your point and it is a precious one at that; we must realize, however, that with all of the high-tech weaponry now in the federal arsenal, taking up guns to fight them is like taking a knife to a gunfight.
Just one example: Active Denial System - microwaves that penetrate the outer layer of skin and "Feel like touching a hot frying pan . . .".
Another use of mike's is the intracranial beam that can distort or interrupt your thoughts, and can be adjusted from a slight tickle to a VERY painful jolt, and all inside your head! Combine this with stealth voice transmission and you have a "Hypnosis Machine" that can be aimed at a whole roomful of people.
What is a patriot to do?
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