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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

devil in marypoppers

"Piss off with your posts. I don't want it. I'll check you when and how I see fit."

Very christian of you, I must say--Jesus would be proud of such talk to a fellow Christian. I think maybe you're the one "dancing with the devil."

Can you guess who sent me this in your mind? Please do not respond in type and sable has the answer.

For all the rest, thank you for your kind spirit. Truly and Sincerely. I thought I would come here this morning and tell you the conversation, me and my brother had yesterday. Our relationship has been strained, to say the least, due to the nature of our upbringing. There have been periods elapse where we have not spoken for many years. That is sad.

Happy to say, we know speak quite comfortably and quite honestly with each other, which to me, is a sign of a healthy relationship. This is good.

The story goes.

Being an at home mom, after many years in the workforce and on the treadmill, my brother got chatting on a forum about scuba diving as that is his thing. That and his boat. That's another story. (Sable we are of a kindred spirit - trust - many of us here, in fact.)

Funny, he was all set to retire and head down to mexico on his boat and love walked into his life. Two children later and he's sitting at the keyboard, like me, in a scuba forum.

I love my brother. He is one of the smartest men I know. N.B. I am adopted, a love child of the sixties, and their is no biological link between us.

Being an engineer and a clever cookie, he was listening how a few yobbo's were in this forum saying how hydrogen is a great substitute for nitrogen, in the diving air mix. (I think I have that the right way around.) Dude was saying you didn't have to be any more careful, it was "as good as". Seemed like a reasonable statement, on the surface of things.

But when looking a little deeper and understanding a little better... things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Hydrogen is a smaller molecule and hence passes quicker through membranes. If you imagine slowly opening up a bottle of pop, that is what it is like for a scuba diver to rise to the surface. With the hydrogen, escaping at a much faster rate, being a smaller molecule, it would be like shaking the bottle and opeing the top of quickly. Get the picture?

Diving and osteoporosis are also known to be associtated through the nitrogen rattling around and with hydrogen rattling around at a much faster speed, the damage could be far greater.

So basically, what dude, the idiot, was explaining was somewhat true and a whole lot dangerous. Extra special care must be applied to ascent when using the smaller molecules in the diving mix.

Of course, my brother pointed this out. Dude argued the toss and expressed his ignorance and, should people be gullible enough to believe everything they read, dude might have unknowlingly placed some people in harms's way.

The point of this story and what my brother told me is, that just like life, the world is now 98% asshole (my favorite saying) and so is cyber space. The idiots will always argue with good sense, invariably gang up on good sense and drive the good sense out of the forum.

This appears to be a tactic on many forums, is my point - not that I have good sense.

We also discussed industrialised agriculture... most fascinating subject - how to starve a world.
But my favorite story of his yesterday, was one of his many diving experiences.

Apparently, there is a wreck in lake Simco(unsure of spelling) where he used to go diving and also where he would teach others how to dive. The paddle boat Morrison, a relic of tourism from the days of old, is gradually sinking in poo, so say the divers.

Just like Halifax harbour, the sewage is shifted into this lake at the rate of about a foot of poo a year. The brown gellatinous goo is slowly burying the wreck of the Morrison. The boat is sinking in poo. It just sounds so ludicrous. It makes absolutle no common sense whatsoever. It makes me laugh, just writing this.

What do you do when a boat is sinking in poo? Jump ship? It has already sunk. And it is being burried in shit, year by year, layer upon layer. Sound familiar?

I personally believe that it is high time to stop chucking the shit in the lake, the lake needs to be dredged, the shit cleared out, once and for all, and a new system set in place where we do not shit where we sleep and piss in our own water supplies.

Religion is the oldest form of politics. Controlling people's faith through fear. Faith is the key issue here folks, not fear, nor religion. How you found your faith, I believe is irrelavent to God. I think he only cares that you have faith enough to care, submitting to the will of God, as opposed to our own lustful desires of power and control.

I am going to bide my time here, for a while... I want to see how this all plays out. I would also like to know who made said complaints as it apprears that there were more than one and Rushdoony was man enough to register his name.

Anyone else have something to say to me directly, please speak your mind freely. I am all ears. Bring it on. Right here. Right now. As I responded to Rushy, I want this bullshit over and done with, once and for all.

Terminate my membership? That is your right as proprietor of this site. Speak my mind until someone stops me - that's my right. I caught the play and the red flag. I understand things better now. Think about it.



N.B. I am blissfully surprised to percieve that this forum is 2% asshole - quite in opposition to the "norm".
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