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Default Re: proof the antichrist is on earth right now

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"most of the world believe it"

Think you should check that out, most of the world DOESN'T believe in the bible!
Silence, you sinful bag of puss and evil. Did we, THE RIGHTEOUS OF GOD, invite your Hellbound soul here? Why can't you sinners do what you normally do, and have a mass orgy and all contract god's Judgement (A.I.D.S) and let we THE RIGHTEOUS OF GOD talk without your vile prescense being here?

You sinners make me sick. Go have sex with a donkey or a man, and do us a favor and die of a venereal disease so we can laugh at you as you burn in Hell. I just wish you sinners would die and leave us Christians alone.
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