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Default Re: Advertising/ Devil imagery: Dodge, Mopar

New age/occult poppycock.

The illuminati want you to buy their crap that Jesus was just another in a succession of "Avatars", that he was not the Son of God but only a wise man in the tradition of a Krisna, Zoroaster, Buddha or Mohammed. Each age, for them, has its own enlightened teacher. They distinguish the ages by the procession of the equinox. That Jesus appeared in the Pisces age means nothing to a true christian but means a whole lot to the pagans.

Each astrological age has a 2,152 year cycle. The age of Pisces has been here for around 2,000 years. The next age, according to the occultists, is the age of Aquarius. Further, it is not just the age of Aquarius but it is the beginning of a new cycle in the procession. Twelve zodiac ages combined for a complete circle that the earth draws in the heavens as it rotates on its axis, for a total of 28,826 years. Pisces is the last in the cycle and Aquarius starts the process anew.

This is why they are looking for a new age messiah, a new Maitreya or a new reincarnation of Krisna, to usher in the "new age."

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