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I think the same, JIMBO!!

God is all around and is certainly within all of us!!

We must choose to believe in OUR OWN GOD!! Not the GOD of their MAKING!!

GOD IS good and he has been used for evil purposes by those who have hijacked religion for their own agenda which is to control mass amounts of people through fear.

GOD is not be happy with their exploitation of him for their own benefit which is to use his name in VANE!!

My GOD, well, he kept me alive and SANE!! I do not share him with anyone. He belongs to me!!

You know, all the while, they were talking SATAN and DEVILS, I just kept praying to GOD, my GOD!!

And, they'd say!! There is no GOD. GOD is not going to help you. He doesn't exist.

I kept praying!! Oh, God, please help me. God, please help me!! God, they're trying to make me crazy!! Please, GOD, help me!!

Those were my words!!

And, My GOD, he was there for me!!! together with his forces!! Those who worked through him!!!!

In Peace,
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