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Default Re: well i wasnt single yesterday

Yo lonely people.

Thought I'd annoy you down this end of the forum.

I've been single for 4 years!

I've not even kissed a woman in that time though i meet plenty.

I'm 6ft and an inshape 100kg. 34. Look exactly like Brad Pitt 8-) Well maybe not but good enough for women not to vomit.

After a lot of soul searching I managed to break the cycle of endless meaningless relationships. I've taken Lynnes advice and now work for God.

I look forward to marriage but will not tolerate a woman who does not share my same values.

'Falling in love' is bullshit. Genuine love is about letting go and letting other people be.

This is exceedingly hard to do.

If you manage it, and accept the genuinely painful consequences you will wake up one day and realise you're quite happy by yourself.

Of course people are different and you will have to find your particular way of moving through this.

Finding a partner is like finding a car. You state clearly what you want and you go out and find it.

A wise woman once told me the key to a happy marriage is finding a partner who shares your interests so you can be passionate about something other than each other.

Relationship issues we carry with us from our formative childhood days cramp our style and prevent us from moving on and doing God's work. Which is another way of saying doing work that makes us happy. Meaningful work.

To Freeman and others who feel alienated due to their knowledge. It's tough at the top. I genuinely mean this. No work is more important than this. This is not a debate over the football. It's about an order of power mad megalomaniacs who believe God is dead and they've instigated a hostile take over. If they go on unchallenged they will usher in a technological dark age.

You're in a fucking war.

Do you expect to be happy about it?

We're like the Iraqi resistence. Going up against a technologically superior opposition. They deal in lies, we deal in truth.

They have at their disposal untold billions to lie and manipulate the public.

We have only ourselves and we cant lose especially when you're armed with the truth.

In all seriousness...all jokes aside...whatever any of you may think or imagine of me...i'm glad i come to "Club Conspiricy"! I'm proud to mix with all of you over the net.

It will be you who can say to your Grandkids you fought for those tired old cliches called Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Honour.

We stand for something no matter how much we mess it up. They stand for nothing but but the void.

Besides all that...parting company with someone you've been with for a while is incredibly painful.

By admitting to myself just how much I was hurt by the relationships end I was able to move through it though it hurt incredibly.

Pretending it does'nt hurt is the cowards way.

Nohope...dont try to be what you ar'nt. If you dont like being single then plunge head first into a relationship but be prepared to take the consequences.

I also advise a good therapist or mentor. A good friend who will listen also, and at least a good sense of humour.

Forums like this are filled with sensitive people. Like an Ant's antenna, you sense the shit of the NWO karma. That means you are also vulnerable to painful experiences including the rejection of the message you're trying to bring. Your sensitivity and intelligence means you are ahead of most others. Not everyone can put the dots together.

I'm sure we all know the story of the bloke who brought a new message to a corrupt and declining order?

They nailed him to a cross.

You're in good company.
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