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Default Re: vitamins and supplements are going to be controlled

The BUSINESS/FINANCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, POLITICAL Elite...Plato's "Philosopher Kings", born to rule an unruly and agitating peasant class who actually have the gall to think they have a say in how things are run on the planet.

First task of the Elite. Get rid of all religions espousing the rights of the individual made in the image of God...Old Torah Jews, Christians and Muslims who's allegience first and foremost is to a supernatural God above the State.

Second, destroy the family unit and societal cohesion...divide and conquor. Make the State indespensible to the isolated individual till the individual is TOTALLY dependant on the State and will not speak out against the hand that feeds it.

Third, under the guise of consumer convienence, fighting crime/terrorism and the concept of the INEVITABLE march of technology...lock down the vast peasant class with a "cashless control grid" involving constant surveillence and tracking from birth to death. First rule of countering a counter insurgency...control movement.

At it's tip...the vilest evil you can imagine with a VAST Professional Class at it's disposal, in love with their own intellects, who will do the most evil and destructive things to numberless individuals in the name of the Greater Good...which just happens to coincide with THEIR interests.

Purely a coincidence I assure.
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