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This is a thread that deserves attention.

As a former R.N i used to work in Emergency Departments and ICU's dealing with Flu outbreaks.

The flu already kills MILLIONS every year. Mostly the elderly and those already sick.

THIS is right on a VERY simple points...hand washing.

I cannot tell you how important this simple act is. Basic hygeine is a POWERFUL defence against ANY bug.

I wash my hands ten times a day. Especially after catching public transport. Before I eat or handle food. It is basic but it works.

China suffers most in these outbreaks because they live like pigs in close proximity to animals. The Chinese are renowned for their lack of personal hygeine.

Japan on the other hand suffered minimally from the last fact i believe they did'nt have a single case. They are notoriously clean.

How is it for 7 years, despite being immersed in a vast population of sick people at work, i got the flu once? While every one of my co-workers dropped around me? I supplement heavily with cheap Vitamin C and other cheap products. C works.

It's 7 years since my last bout of flu and I just recently fought one off. My friends have ALL dropped like flies. MAny had taken that useless Flu Vaccine...STAY AWAY FROM IT! It's poisen.

This Bird Flu "pill" stuff is a COMPLETE FRAUD. An absoloute fraud. Preparing the ground for the imminent release of the super bug no doubt and I dont mean Herbie.

Before a Suitcase Nuke their will be avian bird flu. It will knock off mostly the sick and elderly and those with poor social conditions and keep us all cowed and looking to the state for protection.

With the resulting economic unrest a whole host of other benefits will flow to the Elite.
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