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Default Physics Forum against free speech

I've belonged to a physics forum for awhile now, that is sponsored by DR Michio Kaku, my usual post dealt with theories like red shift,blue shift,gamma ray burst, thermodynamics,etc..., well I finally decided to post a question about the collapse of building 7, nothing like what we talk about, just simple questions , like how did the building fall at free fall speed when no plane had hit it and it only had a couple of small fires in it, it appeared on the site for a blink of the eye, and I was given a warning that basicly said that in essence this topic is verbolten, it also said that if I believed the action was not right I could challange it, when I wrote back to the censors, they decided not to reply to my concerns, the site is at
WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? THE TRUTH, PEOPLE WITH DEEP PHYSICS BACKGROUNDS BECOMING MORE AWARE, I had also put on it a link to the video that showed it fall.

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