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Default Re: Why do I believe that God exists and Christianity to be the only true

PS..I think the probability of creating a string of protien molecules or even the creation of DNA are even higher then what you stated m8..basically Scientific terms " Its in the Impossible catagory"
This is how I came to a sense of God.

As a fellow said to me..."if you saw a finely made Swiss watch would you EVER comprehend that it had assembled itself 'spontaneously'?"

There is a creator.

Whats more, THAT creator ACTUALLY cares about the individual. If one can STOOP low enough you can indeed hear the word of God.

It's called a conscience.

Ahmed has shown himself dignified in the face of many attacks. Some by me. For that I give his views much consideration. This is what led me to take Henry Makows claims more seriously.

I NEVER believed the NWO conspiracy to be anything more than the ravings of idiots with too much time on their hands and too much money. The understanding of the deliberate and ultimately evil force behind this program has largely come from taking Makows succinct writings seriously and following up the literature.

At the moment I am happy to believe through my own understanding the story and meaning of Christ.

I believe Muhammed was indeed a prophet and sent by God. The words of the Quaran speak for themselves and the DIGNITY of the many Muslims who have been subjected to INTOLERABLE interference and "death from above" for YEARS, means we MUST not let OUTSIDE FORCES seperate the Muslim and Christian people from a common enemy...

International Zionist Extremism.

Christ was the correction of many wrongs.

Islam is a reminder note.

Ahmeds focus on the seperation of the 3 desert religions and how evil benefits from splitting peoples from each other is instructive.
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