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Default IMF and World Bank Meeting In Singapore - Shortage Of Hookers And Coke Expected.

Girls Cash In On Money Men


Escort agencies are on a recruitment drive to provide companionship for IMF and World Bank delegates in Singapore for the week long annual meeting.

Newspaper and internet adverts seek women or "young, outgoing girls".

Agencies want applications from Singapore and other Asian women who are in their 20's, tall, "athletic" and "confident".

The going rater for escorts in Singapore is $130 to $1780 an hour and $850 for an overnight companion.

Prices are tipped to soar.

The West Australian Newspaper. 12-Sep-06 Page 14.
The coke and Meth is pouring in! Ye haaaaaaa it's eyes wide shut baby!

Why oh why does'nt Al Quida get the lot of them? oppurtunity goes begging! How hard would it be to get an attractive bunch of Muslim/extremist femme assassins in their! You boyz in da caves of Tora Bora need me running things!

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