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Default Re: If the Illuminati exists, why the division?

:-? Why Dont you ask the man himself Mr Makow this one!
As for me!. It is my belief that too much pride in Ego is the factor that gives humanity its dark side! To discipline this tendencey is the role of must monotheist religions is it not!

The problem is that too many of us would all like to be our own Gods its as simple as that, rather than submit to the almighty!.Ahmad although you follow an interesting cult which i am not sure agree with 100%.I think you sincerely already have the answers more than many others here your a good man at heart i am sure!

I am no angel however I only explode when others insult me. A few have done this but they got back as much as they dished out!.

It is very easy to be Egocentric in western society for obvious reasons it pushs us to compete at the expense of social cohesion and respect for others as human beings.
Yes here I go again me the socialist.But you individualists should know my approach by now!.

The modest in my view who are most God like and get called weak and lazy.
They are targets for being tarred and feathered. There are no prizes for for being modest and without pride in western society is there!.The law of the Jungle applies we are the beasts!.Therefore we are encouraged to be beast like rather than civil 8-)
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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