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Thumbs down Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
The Alex Jones show is on the Genesis Communication networks (GCN). GCN is affiliate with ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. The Disney's are one of the leading illuminati families. So here we have fake patriot Alex Jones blaming the Illuminati for everything, while he has strong ties to one of the companies of one of the leading illuminati families.

The real story which Alex does not tell ofcourse is the homosexual behaviour the rich and the powerfull are involved in over there. He does not tell about the hookers flown there, male and female to serve the lust of these psychopaths. He does not talk about the sex slaves serving their. With other words, he does not tell anything.
Right, okay so that means CoasttoCoastam producers are illuminati because the airwaves are controlled by them , according to your (ill)logic...

- And you obviously have not seen the documentary yourself, for he DOES say there are gay prostitutes that go in & out of the grove, as well as the white house.

He doesn't tell anything???? He certainly does, listen to the freakin show. I thought he wasn't so great because he said 'he doesn't cover UFO stuff, but a few days ago he had an interesting guest on that did.

One can say Micheal Moore is a white-washer, but ALEX JONES??? If you're not joking, re-examine what makes you think that, or get your head examined... I do agree that it's strange that he was able to get in there, but it's a strange world afterall. - I'm just disapointed there was no footage of them Shapeshifting into the Reptilians they are...
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