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Max wrote:
Shadow wrote:
What you and Minuteman are saying is fine for paperback novels. Real life is something different.
I'm basing my analysis on widely reported information as to what happens in D.C., namely who supports the passage of various laws and measures. We can see a history of the right passing legislation that enslave the citizens by supporting big business dominance over natural resources (via things like corporate welfare, allowed environmental destruction and large government contracts), loss of civil rights and the like. The left enslaves the citizens by pushing socialistic redistribution of wealth, unnecessary environmental regulations, self-defense regulation and the like. The combination of the two leads to mass slavery to the government and large corporations.

Does this help clear things up or do you think this is not based on reality?

If it is as you say, then why are sites like this allowed? Why are you allowed to post the true intentions of the ruling class? Why was the book 1984 allowed to be published? Why?
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