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Default Re: Do you have any serious questions?

Bondi wrote:
Do you guys have any serious questions regarding Freemasonry?

Instead of all this conspiracy stuff you find online, why not step up and ask a question rather than repeating every parrot fashion.

Ask an honest question I'll give you an honest answer.
Question/Comments from noNWO4me.......

OK Bondi: What I've read is that the Freemasons are indeed Luciferians. However, this does not mean (according to them) that they are "Satanists" (notice quotes). Is it not true that they believe Lucifer to be the honest, good, empathetic God, (who got the raw deal)?----and that the "Christian" "GOD" is the evil, deceptive one, with all these "hoops" you have to jump through. Now, I'm not asking for any personal attacks here, so please, do not respond (any of you) who wish to just brow beat and insult.
I've already felt that here from a posting in another thread.
Like many of you, I am interested in the doings of the Freemasons. I know some things. But, my overall interest is the agenda for all of mankind who do not measure up to their standards. I do not believe in throwing away a human life as if it were a tissue. We need to lift those that need help, and make our world run with all levels/class of people.
I believe the Freemasons are comprised of a high ratio of sinister individuals? Am I wrong??
What might have been just membership for financial security (for those of no other motive), has become a "pull-in" of individuals to acquire such a mass of evil minds in order to outnumber and destroy the weak and poor, and 'run' the world.
Now back to belief: I remember a lady said to me once: "what did Lucifer do so wrong"? She didn't know, but I noticed her Eastern Star ring on her hand. She didn't come across as deceiving, but truly in belief that Lucifer is thee God that is concerned for us, and only wishes for us to have the best that we can while we are in this materialistic world. I've been led to understand that they do not want to convert anyone, or take away your belief. However, their belief in "Christ" is NOT the same "Christ" as the Christians'.
Do all Freemasons have dark rituals of virgins on altars and such. Or brainwashing of children? No, I'm sure that there are the innocent minds, or the one's that have a choice not to get into that. They have a choice I believe, up until a certain level. But they DO worship!!! They believe that the creative force is in each of us. They pray to that "GOD" inside of us. But they acknowledge Lucifer as the source of all.
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