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Default REVERSE SOCIAL ENGINEERING, or How to Wreck Havoc on Illuminati


1. Satan's plot to 'delay' the time.

2. Why the Parousia can only be enacted by Free-will, that is, true Thelema.

3. Anastasia of X-factor.

4. Alchemy of the Midas Touch, or how to turn human lead into Gold.

5. Becoming the Philosopher's Stone.

In the coming days, I would like to engage in discussing a few topics. These ideas are not designed to be attractive to the typical conspiracy 'fans' out there.

No, this is far beyond that ideology. There are some of us who have been attacked without 'pity or quarter' for too long now.

There are some of us who have suffered psychological, finacial, and spiritual persecution from unseen weapons for far too long.

This discussion is designed for those who are ready to do something about it. Yet doing something about it is not enough. What this really entails is to total annihilation of Illuminism from the world.

It will not take not for the intelligent student to realize that this envolves nothing less than the destruction of this planet, that the true Sons of Light, Christians, may soar to New Worlds.

To be involved in such a plan requires a person who in fact has 'nothing to loose'. Therefore, this is not designed for those still tapped to the etherial tit of the Matrix.

You may begin thinking about some of the topics that I have listed above. If ideas come to your mind, then feel free to list them as well.

Some may fear that we are giving ourselves away by not remaining silent concerning our plans. This is a misunderstanding of our power. There are some things in the world that make no difference if they are known or not, for they cannot be stopped by any means.

It is really designed to bring students out of the 'fish bowl' mentality. We must begin to have a different view of the world, a view that Christians have lost sight of.

In the mean time, contemplate on this one concept: It is necessary for earth to be destroyed for the Liberty of the Sons of Light and all creation to be fully consummated, because Satan is bound and hardwired to this planet.

This involves a concept by God's elect that will in fact result in 'moving' Satan to take action. Why? Because it will become so clear to all that the tide has turned in favor of the Christian that there will be no more choice.

A plot that has been centuries in the making has been foiled by a nobody fool. And if the actions wrought by God through the hands of just one educated idiot can shake the Ethers to their foundations, what shall be the result if the Church herself should awake from slumber?

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