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Default Lori Marz

Lori is one of the provinces (marz) of Armenia. It is in the north of the country, bordering Georgia. Its capital is Vanadzor.

It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Haghpat and Sanahin.

Lori borders the following marzer:

Tavush - east
Kotayk - southeast
Aragatsotn - southwest
Shirak - west

Vanadzor's history dates back to the Bronze Age, with interesting tombs and other material finds now, in principle, housed in the local museum. The town received its name possibly as early as the 13th century, from a black stone church on a nearby hill. Totally destroyed in 1826 by Hasan Khan during the Russo-Persian war, the city enjoyed considerable uplift from the opening of the railroad to Tbilisi in 1899. In May 1918, General Nazarbekian's outnumbered troops fought the Turkish Army to a creditable tie, pushing them back a few days later at the crucial Battle of Sardarapat. On the N side of the Spitak-Vanadzor highway, about 2 km W of the city, there is a little shrine in the ruins of a church, site of a planned monument to that battle.

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