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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

It doesn't matter HOW they got from one place to the other. What matters, is that official historiography claims they DIDN'T (which shows that official historiography is wrong in this critical area). How hard is that to understand with that thick skull of yours?
OMG. Jumping to conclusions they call it. Bullshit, I call it. Just because something doesn't tally with what is presently known does not mean aliens had anything to do with it. Christ! Who makes a leap like that? I thought you were smart.

You are basically doing this:

"Oh! I thought I had more money than that in my bank account! The Aliens must have took it!"

It is now accepted that Columbus did not discover America. There is evidence of many other people getting there first, chiefly the American Indians! I suppose they flew there, did they?

There is nothing supernatural about people getting in boats and crossing large oceans. Get a grip.
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