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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

You been married 26 years? were you still being passed around to all of Bruce's friends after the wedding? If not then you have waited at least 26 years to give them what they have coming. How soon is that? doesn't seem like you've done anything soon enough. Over 20 years have slipped by before you take any action. I have not abused anyone, nor have I blamed a child, your a full grown woman, your not a child anymore, so I will not afford you the protection a child deserves. Your an adult who keeps telling everyone they will get what is coming to them soon, I have proof, yet you lie in wait, while Springsteen is allowed to make his millions, continue his deviant behavior, what your going to take him down now that he's an old has been. No I don't find any of your statements comforting or calming. I don't trust your judgement or those you entrust with your evidence. You've already proven yourself to be the kind of person who takes her good sweet 20+ year time to take any action. Not to mention accusing anyone who questions your actions of being a mindcontrol pervert only discredits you, because you steer the focus away from those who actually are. That is just irresponsible. You are one of the only people who claims to have damaging evidence against these sickos, yet you go out of your way to make yourself sound like a looney who no one will take serious and believe, and you think I can find that comforting and calming? You spend so much time pointing your condemning finger at innocent people like me that when you finally point it in the right direction it will be like the crying wolf once again. Your a real creep for not holding yourself to a higher standard and not striving to keep yourself credible. I'm sure the children being abused will thank you for pointing your finger at innocent people, instead of getting off your high horse and doing something to stop those who you know are guilty. Shame on you. PAL!!!!!!!!!
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