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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Yeah go through over 400 pages of posts to find any useful information. You should of Posted the full story in one consolidated section, like oh say the first freaken post. It's like pulling teeth trying to get any straight information out of you. Bit by Bit.

"Sorry, but I don't accuse anyone who questions my actions of being a mind control pervert. Just you. As you sound like one."

Are you seriously denying you have never accused anyone else on these forums of being a mind control pervert? Your so full of shit. Just me huh? Ohhhh I sound like a mind control pervert? Why because I'm advocating for the victims here, yeah great logic there. I'm the pervert because I want to you to take action faster, sure makes me sound like the bad guy. Redirection tactics over and over same o'l story with you, they taught you well how to shift the focus off of yourself. Keep up your game of smoke and mirrors while children suffer. You soooooooooo love all the attention you get, yet when someone asks you some hard hitting questions you do everything in your power to redirect the attention, very smooth. Your as sly as a used car salesmen. Just hurry up and bring that old fart no talent ass bruce down so the public is not subjected to another one of his crappy albums.
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