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Default Re: All Right - Place Your Bet !

I'd love to place a wager, but I'm too indebted to the Drug Lords!!

GAWD, are they raking it in, or what!!

Killed a couple of thousand, sent thousands more hundreds of miles away from their homes, mothers, fathers and children separated from one another, and are now trying to track them down so then can award them with a $2,000 FEMA cash card.

WOW!! Thanks Bush and Company!

Wreck a city, kill and wound thousands (sounds like Iraq), run them out of town with only the clothes on their backs, deprive them of food and water, let the sick and elderly die and compensate them with a $2,000 cash reward for all their pain and suffering.

Does this somehow make you feel better?? Because certainly this does not quell the people!!!!

You boys sure now how to make things right!!

Oh, sorry!! I'm rambling again!
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