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Default Re: All Right - Place Your Bet !

$51.8 billion approved by Congress for the man-made Katrina Holocaust!!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!!

Keep the people in debt and sooooooooo into themselves, their creature comforts and wallah, they know not of what we speak!!!!

They actually believe the government is taking care of them.

Ask yourselves this question. Where does the money come from to fund our country and the disasters/wars they orchestrate? If it doesn't come from Congress, who then lends us this money? The Loan Sharks? The Jewish Mob? Those who opened up banking houses at the turn of the century and stripped Congress of its' power to coin money? The Illuminati?

They can call themselves the FEDERAL reserve, but they are a private lending institution. Every dollar you spend is a debt to them. Every credit card you own, is interest in their pocket.

The bankers own us and everyone within in government. Indebted to them for the rest of our lives.

We are their slaves and they are our masters.

They just conducted psychological operations upon the less fortunate in New Orleans and Mississippi. Their lives are now 10 times worse than they were before the storm.

A country of helpless people in America is what they desire and you, you are going to allow it to happen.

You are going to allow our country to be turned into third world status, starving, sick, just like Ethiopia, because you choose to remain silent!!!

Interest on $51.8 billion. WOW!!!

So, create disasters, create wars, fire up the war machine and the wealthy elitists fatten their bank accounts, kill our citizens and those in other countries all for money, power and control and to escape prosecution.

How can men be so evil?

I don't know. Only God can answer that question. I'll ask him when I arrive in heaven.

He promised me a space. I didn't make a pact with the devil. I made a pact with GOD.

You still don't think a "satanic cult" rules the world?

If you need more proof, then you are blind!!!
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