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Default The Corporations Role In Problem/Reaction/Soloution

Just a thought.

The banking and financial institutions finance these corps.

They run amok, in fact are encouraged to.

George Soros, straight from Rothschilds estate jumps up and cries..."look at these evil institutions! We need stronger government with international treaties to bring these trans nationals under control!"

I am watching the 'extras' on the Doco DVD "The Corporation".

The fact that the banking and finacial institutions barely get a mention surprises me.

Guys like George Soros are featured at the start of GNN's "Unanswered Questions On 9-11" bleating on about his undying love for the U.S Constitution and Bill Of Rights...he recently was featured rushing to America to "teach democracy to Americans"...and "money was no problem" in the process of this cause.

NWO lackey's like Soros hanging out with youth culture?

The never ending cry of the Corps have to much power and influence (entities that live and die by us i might add), while the Banking and Financial Institutions barely rate a mention stinks more than Homer Simpson after aerobics.

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