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Default Re: VIDEO: Large Square Formation on Mars


There are around five hundred similar hilltop forts in the British Isles, all of which were built in a seventy five yr period starting at around 3700 BC, according to recently updated highly accurate carbon dating of charcoal remnants recovered at the sites.

The squares on Mars appear to be about the same age as the British hilltop forts .. no one knows how the ancient Brits were able to vitrify stone on the scale of Tap o'Noth, since the vitrification process requires incredible heat and an air free environment!

The problem with hill forts like Maiden Castle in Dorset and the Oswestry Hill Fort in Shropshire, is they are too unwieldy to adequately defend.

Gallic Commander Vercingetorix retreated to a hilltop fort in 50 BC, where after Julius Caesar laid siege and starved him and his ppl into submission, when V eventually surrendered C ordered him held in a cage for four yrs, before ceremoniously murdering him in Rome!

The only time they would be of use is if plunderers holed up in them thru the day, there after to emerge and carry out depredations against their neighbors after nightfall .. their neighbors would be in a similar situ, who would abandon their siege at daybreak and return to their own forts.

Mars was drying out and the tribes were at war over water rights, eventually both factions left Mars and resettled in Britain where war went on .. how they traveled across space between the Earth and Mars is not known.

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