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Default Re: Lyndon LaRouche: Fascist Demagogue

Regarding the crazy man LaRouche, a few of his mentally challenged teenaged rent-a-protesters showed up on my campus shortly after The Real Lincoln was published. The campus police eventually kicked them out, but they were carrying signs filled with incorrectly spelled words claiming that I was a defender of slavery, etc.

One of them sent me a "research paper" explaining why they, like the Straussian neocon Lincoln idolaters at the Claremont Institute, Declaration Foundation, National Review, AEI, and elsewhere, were spitting mad over my book. The theme of the "research paper" was that Lincoln supposedly saved America from the dreaded International Jewish Bankers' Conspiracy with his National Currency Acts. Since I criticized those same acts as being precursors of the Fed, the LaRouchies were furious.
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