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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

The REAL conspiracy is the corporations forcing the immigrants to live on constantly tenable terms, infusing distrust amongst them against each other and us and slowing down their stability in the country. Whenever there is the possibility of creating a low-fee workforce, the companies (and us) will try to get it. Don't pretend you want to pay more for something you can get cheaper. Made in China? GREAT! I'll have that.

The great rich upper-class of Europe are dependent on the infusion of slave-labour, just like the US is. But in order to get even better slave-labour, we are now understanding that getting them here to live in squalid conditions were not a great idea, better to stop them coming here in the first place, forcing them to live in their home-countries where the living costs are EVEN LOWER, and they have nothing to hit, burn and destroy when we abuse them even further by offering awful jobs.

We need them in order to compete in the production-market,because they are powerless to set any demands.
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