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Default A Few Urgent Words Concerning the Current Gas Crisis and Ethynol 380

It is highly suggested that the American populace fill up on gas early this week. Reports are coming through that there has been an executive order issued concerning ethynol 380.

In short, what this means for consumers is empty gas pumps by the end of this week. At this time, I am unable to confirm or deny these reports. I've had to go 'low tech' during the past severable weeks.

Albeit, all I can say is that this is much bigger than an actual 'gasoline shortage' or logistical problem of supply side economics. This is manufactured terror in a very subtle, yet tangible form.

Is 'peak oil' a reality'? No, scientific studies have debunked this theory through the 80s 90s and 00s. Albeit, there is a real and present artiface that is planned and currently at work to create such a crisis. Therefore, it matters not if peak oil is a reality, for the oil cartels are ready and willing to make such a crisis a reality for the citizenry of the these United States.

This touches on issues far deeper than that which is currently manifesting itself.

And I highly suggest that you brush up on your understanding of the Protocals and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. For this has much to do also with the current changes happening on the aeonic scale and those malevolent forces seeking to stifle such change by systematically weakening the working classes.


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