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Default Re: A Few Urgent Words Concerning the Current Gas Crisis and Ethynol 380

Dear George! (maybe I should put this under a different thread, but what the heck)
When something like this happens, would it be a great opportunity for 'regular' folks to say 'enough of the puppetry', and let big business know that we will then have to 'settle' for what we currently have in life and not purchase a new this and that(?) Any example, here's mine: don't buy anything that is not necessary at the moment: such as hold off on that new car; don't go to certain restaurants that will empty your wallet;
don't go to theater; hold off on those $200 Nike's, and such.

Enough is enough. Why not have flyers put out in the neighborhoods at mainstream sites, grocery store bulletin boards, laundromats stating that you refuse to give your business to any business until there's a change in this lack of concern and life of the average citizen!.

They can take away from us anytime, and we still don't come in numbers to say enough! Even that one flyer of protest would be a message in itself to trigger others to say, "yes, let's open up here and not support any business that 'needs our money'!"

Am I that unrealistic?

Am I dreaming? Can anyone say Boycott?

Perhaps some of you do refrain from, sustain from, and boycott certain products and businesses.

I'd like to know. Maybe carpooling isn't so bad, maybe taking the bus or walking those several blocks. Maybe those sneakers you have on are still in one piece, so don't purchase for a while.
Maybe a little verbage to your local business using a a 'fib' method: "oh I'm just passing through MR. BIG RESTAURANT OWNER, so I would love to dine at your restaurant at least 3 times a week, but!!!!!!!..... NO CAN DO ya know...cause the prices of gasoline is so high, clothing is so high, my medical bills and prescription are high".
"But ya know, them food pantries are looking better and better, thanks for your donation to them".
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