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Default Linking the book of Revelation to the worlds greatest conspiracy, can any one help???

Asking for assistance in this monumental topic to present on my talk show. If you're interested, and would like to a guest, please shoot me an email at:

Any one is very welcome to bring your information and to express your opinion. There is no debating on my show, and guests are treated as guest. The show is dedicated to introducing ALL points of view and allows the listeners to draw their own conclusions. You can find our blog page at:

This topic is one that needs much discussion. We are living in a period where darkness is trying to engulf our planet under guise of brining light. We are living in country where democracy is all but dead and buried. Ironically it is those who have claimed to bring good news have made it possible for "the beast" to assume his reign of facism.

Please join the effort to get THE TRUTH out there.


Gary Dean Purifory
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