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O.k i take that back i was way too harsh on obama i would much rather the US to have its first Black president than some gun toting redneck loon women from hicksville whom would lead the world in www3. Plus her family cant keep the high moral values she expects of everyone else in regards to her daughter a true example of Republican hypocrisy. Whom ever is running the star spangled empire looks like the future belongs the the United States of Ordo Secularum bad news for all whether they realise it or not!.

Ozzie, Barack is one CROOKED MFer, he is entirely a product of the Chicago political machinery, if your not familiar with american politics, Chicago is and always has been the most CORRUPT city in America, here are some links you might find worth reading about Obamas ties to scumbags.

Obama ties to terrorist

Wake up America: Barack Obama Dogged by Terrorist Ties

Records Of Obama’s Ties To Terrorist Withheld

Wed, 08/20/2008 - 11:07 — Judicial Watch Blog A state-funded university in Illinois is withholding crucial documents that could shed more light on Barack Obama’s close ties to a domestic terrorist who planted bombs in the Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings to protest U.S. policy.
In an apparent cover up, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) refuses to make public hundreds of files that document the Democratic presidential candidate’s decades-long relationship with William Ayers, a Vietnam-era radical and former fugitive from U.S. justice who has proudly admitted setting the bombs in the 1970s.
Ayers, a member of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, is currently a professor at UIC and the school’s library—named after Chicago’s former longtime corrupt Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley—houses 132 boxes containing nearly 1,000 folders of records relating to Obama’s ties to Ayers, various radical organizations and other questionable political allies.
Ayers and his wife, a fellow Weather Underground terrorist, have long supported and collaborated with Obama, donating money to his campaign and hosting fundraising events at their home. The Illinois senator and aging radical hang out in the same political and social circles, live in the same Chicago neighborhood and for years served on the board of a renowned Chicago nonprofit.
The mainstream media has largely ignored this quite relevant relationship, but one journalist has tried (unsuccessfully) to access the crucial files because they will reveal Obama’s personal, financial and ideological ties with Ayers as well as other radical groups. After all, Obama could be the next commander-in-chief and Americans have the right to know.
After initially agreeing to make the files public, the school reneged claiming that the mystery donor—believed to be Ayers—who provided the collection refuses to make the information public. The UIC professor in charge of the library’s special collections department later provided a rather bizarre explanation for the sudden change of heart by saying that it has come to the school’s attention that there is “restricted” material in the collection.
Americans learned of Obama’s scary relationship with Ayers just a few months ago despite his campaign’s efforts to distance him from the renowned terrorist. After planting the bombs, Ayers was a fugitive from U.S. justice for a decade and his group was officially labeled a terrorist group by the FBI.
None of this stopped Obama from joining forces with the Chicago radical who launched a successful grass roots effort to spearhead the senator’s thriving political career. Now the details of this alarming relationship, kept at a taxpayer-financed university, are being withheld from Americans.

Records Of Obama’s Ties To Terrorist Withheld | Judicial Watch


Barack Obama and Tony Rezco's Chicago real-estate connection could spell trouble for the candidate | World news |

YouTube - Sen. Obama, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezco, and Friends


B. Hussein Obama Vows to DISARM America's Military - Video - In his own words folks.

Obama Vows To Disarm America
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