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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I listened to the video titled:



I didn't hear him say this in his own words.

Please provide the quote.


At the end of the video he said that he vows to use our military to protect America.

He spoke about the military and the steps he would take to cut wasteful spending, but, like I said, I did not hear him say he would disarm the military.

Do you know how ridiculous that statement sounds?

just remember though BA, the MSM main stream media is subtly implanting the message into peoples minds that if they don't vote for Obama, that this is reason to suspect that your a racist person, You mark my words here, Obama loses and jew controlled blacks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will try to forment race riots in magor cities, America is being set up to be labeled as a racist nation by the PTB.
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