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Default Re: So, About the H1N1 Virus.

In reply to your original post Blueangel, the pandemic never really got a foothold. I am not totally sure who 'they' are to which you refer, but in the UK as per usual the media went apepoop over this and said we were all gonna if you so happened to be an idiot, of which I personally know many, then I suppose you went along with this.

Or if like myself you thought you'd stay clear of mass media hype because as per usual, it is grossly exaggerated . Instead relying on my own brain to read up on the topic and were possible consult the more upstanding newspapers and to read lots to get a more rounded picture.

At which point I came to common sense conclusion that this would be no worse than a typical common flu that kills off so many tens of thousands a year in the UK, and guess what, I was right.
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