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Default Re: Have you noticed that...

"Got truth?" is very cool.
Make an excellant title for a book or a CC movie.


This thread reminded me of the summer I had free pototo chips, thanx to noticing the patterns in life. I must have been 8 or 9.

Hostess chips had a thing where if you found the bag with the coupon, you got a free bag of chips. I happened to notice that on the bags I got the chit in, the coding on the side of the bag had squares, whereas the coding on the normal bags had circles.

For whatever reason, I noticed the squares and had free chips for the summer.

It's funny sometimes, the things we notice in life.

Me personally, I attribute less credence to biblical numerology than I do to astrology. There are some 'general' truths to be found in numerology and moreso astrolgy. Also, if you read the horoscope pages every day to read how your life will go - there's a problem.

I believe, it's the meaning in our own mind that sets the tone of our present and future reality. If you believe in the stuff, it will become to appear more real and credible, as time goes by, as your subconscious will seek situations and personalities to "make it so." (I love Jean-Luc)

Anyone remember the tv show Get Smart and agent 99? I used to like that show, as a kid. That and eating free chips for the summer.

I'm rambling... I'm certain that Crowley and his mystical accomplices of the past and the present would find deep meaning in the beginning post, cast a spell or two, summon a few demons and work their damndest to make something happen out of that association of people and concepts. That's the way they think. It's all about their will and not the will of God. Some people change their name to alter the numerical - ogical output to be more satisfying to their will of the future? Odd, to say the least.

I think numerology is a blind faith going nowhere with no correlation to God whatsoever.My two cents, as always.
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