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Default Re: The Obama deception-New world order

everybody take a deep breath chill while listening to lord monckton. he has new stuff regularly especially right now cause he's in dopenhagan oops I mean copenhagen. If alex johns is gay I don't want to know I'd rather stick my head in the sand on that one unless there's proof of kid molestation then ther's a problem. lets stay focused I got 4 people today to maybe open there eyes.
And lets not forget the canadian judge this week who threw out all owr freedom of speach laws opening the flood gates here in canada. right now we have no freedom of speach laws opening the flood gates to truth and shutting the door to censorship and supresion and hopefully that will step things up by the time this copenhagan lie is over and the government officials get off the plain they'll feel the ground of freedom shacking. And we need to make them talk off course it will be more lies but as they say once you've lied you need to keep lying in order to cover up the first lie and so on and so on and it will eat them up from inside out and they'll all implode and so never be any need to fight.
I'll say it again I know this to be a fact It happened to me and made me who I am I was 16 yrs. when it happened and I never forgot it because it grew and grew with me. " When you die, just befor, in aprox. 1-100 of a sec.your entire life flashes befor your eyes to see, thats right everything you ever said did good and bad your loves hates even frustrations how you dealt with them and everyone who was involved. Right there and then you decide wether you will be attended hell or heaven AND YOU CAN'T LIE TO YOURSELF when I used to wonder if there was such a place heaven or who decided who went where I never would have imagined that it would be me. adreniline can sure make your mind run fast. I remember feelings when it was hapening like watching a score board then after thinking wow I made it my score wasn't to bad but I've been given a chance to make it a better score now and I survived but what a feeling and all that thought happened in 1-100 of a secound. funny thing I've never really told anybody about this even my family and kids don't know, I even forgot about it for long periods of time , but enjoy thinking that people can trust me because I want a good score. If everyone had this happen to them there would be no more lies anywhere. I'd like to thank lord monckton again for helping me put the peices together of just wy I and people have said they had there life flash befor there eyes and how strang it was. I think that comment might make allot of people feel a liffle sick to there stomack and when people like Mr Jones reads it and I'm sure he will some day soon maybe and many others, watch there reactions to it after the fact maybe even years latter they could implode also but it doesn't matter right now we just need to get these kinds of messages out. I'm a very openminded person and want a eutopia { a perfect sociaty} which I've always new could be possible
and people like benjamine fullford who wanted to run for president of japan just to get the trillions of dollars back from the us and use it to end world hunger and poverty I have hope.
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