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Default WTF? Satanism Isn't Evil?

Okay, you primitive screwheads out there. Whats this shit bagging on Satanism? Satanism is just another religion, no better or worse then you Jew on a Stick worshippers, Towel-Heads or Jews. I mean Rotting Jesus, do you think all the pedos macking on kids in the Roman Catholic Church are Satanists? people need to get a life! First, lots of Satanist don't believe in a LITERAL Satanists. Second, even if they do, there not sacraficing people. What it is is that the Christo-Fascists here in America can;t stand it if anyone isn;t Christian.
I submit to you they are a 100% more evil then your garden variety Satanists. It's YOU fuckers who had the Crusades, it's YOU fuckers who had the Inquisition, it's YOU fuckers who had the 100 Year War...All good X-tian boys and Girls. Face it, you fuckers are the worst band of killers, oppressors and Fascists the world has ever seen!
And the Towel-Heads? Those fuckers are always doing stupid shit. If we left out hanging gays and stoning women who got pregnant after their old man died, we'd still have a lot to cite as fucked up.
I'm not letting you Jews off either. You dudes massacred people when ever you got the chance when you invaded Canaan. Your God, from his own shit caked lips, commanded Joshuah to commit genocide. Shit..there is even a part in the bible celebrating smashing in the head of Babylonian babies!
What a band of fucking hypocrites and two faced liars..and then you got the nerve to try to make Satanists the big baddy! WTF?!

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