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Default Re: Repent, Pat Robertson or Face Judgement!

Originally Posted by Rastor View Post
Glib- readily fluent, often thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely so: a glib talker; glib answers. 2.easy or unconstrained, as actions or manners.3.Archaic. agile; spry.

Um, I can see nothing glib about the guy. I see a sincereity and a well informed urgency rarely seen from the pulpits today.

Shalom? DO I take it you are Jewish?
That's your view-
Many words can be wearisome
I just like to hear a lot more scripture to back one's views. which isn't to say there are not crowds out there that like his delivery.
shalom is a very good word wouldn't you say?
good bye
ps God is Jewish
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