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Default Disputes amongst members:

Whether we agree or disagree, with each others - posts:
we ought to be able to - express our own views - irregardless.

We ought not to be "chastised", for seeing different of each other.

Ones' view of anything, is ones' view.
Not subject, to anothers' approval, for validity.

We see things, according to ourselves.
Not according to the "will" of another.

Taking a stance to another - will encounter anothers' stance.
In expressing ourselves to one another, what we express, is not null and void,
in ourselves.
What we express, is not subject, to the approval, of another.

We all, decide for ourselves.
There is no one, to decide for us.

How you handle it in yourself, is how you handle it, in yourself.
Another, does not handle it, in anyone, for anyone.
As far as expressing, our own views, go. To each other.

Where is, one speaking freely, and another - be quiet?
Expressing ourselves to each other, ought not, to be hindered.

Our views on anything, are not subject, to the "tolerance", of another.

We ought to be able to - freely express ourselves to each other.
Not "subject" to one another, in doing so.

Feedback from members - is wanted.

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