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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
How do explain all the previous prophets

being of Hebrew origin and Allah suddenly

chooses a prophet of the Arabic tongue ???

Pretty pathetic God considering he erred

with the first prophets don't you think ?
How do you explain Apollo's Oracle at Delphi, which prophesized for over 1,700 years with a batting average far higher than anything seen in the Bible (New or Old Testament)?

The Hebrews do not have a monopoly on prophesy, nor do they have a monopoly on God, nor do they have a monopoly on much of anything else.. moreover, once the Hebrews realize that they are ordinary humans just like everyone else, in no way any more or less privileged than anyone else, and that they are subject to the same laws (i.e., God's laws), in the same manner, reaping what they sow just like everyone, the sooner they will free themselves from the ignorance and oppression that is currently plaguing them..

For the record, I believe Western civilization owes a far deeper debt to Islam than it does to Judaism.. It was Islam that kept the fire of Western culture and learning burning for over 1,000 years while Europe languished in the Dark Ages. As for Judiasm, it did not exist prior to 500BC, and it permitted itself to become deeply degraded and perverted and corrupted almost right from the get-go.. What legitimacy Judaism may have had as a moral code by which to live was essentially gone by the time of Christ, and has never since returned (imho).. The Jews themselves are descended from Chaldean Magi who were, arguably, great seers and great prophets and who walked mightly in the ways of the Lord, and what "magic" (<- using that term loosely) there appears to be in the OT is a remnant and an echo of that proud Chaldean heritage, but again.. I'm reminded of a proverb (I'm getting the precise wording wrong, I know) that goes something like "those who talk mightily about their parents and ancestors do so b/c they have nothing honorable to say about themselves"..

I think it's a Latin proverb I read in Plutarch once..

Just my two cents..

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